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Our inspiration

Milan is a metropolis with constant movement, the spearhead of fashion, architecture and culinary. Mambo is the freedom of movement and dance. Evening atmosphere, a large bar bursting out of the restaurant onto the terrace with a spectacular green glass ceiling.


Mambo Milano is an Italian culinary bar that combines traditional Italian cuisine with the contemporary of Milan. The food is Italian with a contemporary twist, quality ingredients and handmade pastas produced in our pasta factory. The design is a meeting of metal, wood, green and warm fabrics that together create a warm but sparkling atmosphere.

השמיים דרך חלונות התקרה של גלריה ויטוריו עמנואל השני
פורטרט של שף הקבוצה - רם לסרי

Ram Lasri

Ram Lasri, the chef and owner of the Sinta Bar Group that has 6 restaurants, in different concepts. Over the years he has established and built kitchens from the mediterranean world, local french bistro and quality fast foods for food lovers. In the recent years he has researched and examined the Italian world and dreamed of establishing a contemporary Italian kitchen with mediterranean inspiration, a menu that combines seasonal and quality ingredients with fine fish and classic Italian dishes.

גזרים צבעוניים - פרודוקטים טריים מהמטבח שלנו
נודי פסטה בתהליך הכנה
נתח בשר נא, עסיסי וטרי
בצק נמתח בתהליך עיבוד לפני הכניסה לטאבון
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